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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Battle for Delegates

Update 1-The Nation: A current estimate of the national convention delegate count is below, though not all precincts have fully reported.

District 1 Clinton 3, Obama 3
District 2 (Washoe) Clinton 1, Obama 2
District 2 (Rural) Clinton 0, Obama 1
District 2 (Clark) Clinton 1, Obama 1
District 3 (Clark) Clinton 2, Obama 2
At-Large Clinton 2, Obama 1
PLEO Clinton 3, Obama 3

Update 2- Chris Cillizz, Washington Post:
In a just completed conference call with Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and director of delegate selection Jeff Berman argued that the Illinois Senator will leave Nevada today with 13 pledged delegates to 12 for Clinton thanks the weighting of northern and rural areas in the state.

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