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Friday, January 18, 2008

For President: Barack Obama

By Marianne Partridge, Editor in Chief

Our country is in serious trouble. We all know the problems. Bogged down in a senseless war of our own making, America is reviled around the world as an impotent bully. Our economy is unraveling, our dollar is in the basement, and our jobs are disappearing. Our medical system is in the hands of corporate giants. Our environment is getting trashed. The list goes on and on. But the worst thing that has happened to us is that as a nation we have lost our way. We have lost faith that Americans can still be the good guys, that we can control greed, forbid torture, help the poor, and protect the Earth. Eight years of the incompetent, ideologically blinded George W. Bush and his dreadful administration have caused incalculable harm. But the time for railing against President Bush is over. Now we must change — not just our president, but ourselves.

The primary on February 5 is the first chance Californians will have to help set the nation on the right path. The Independent rarely endorses in party primaries, but this year we endorse with confidence one candidate who is uniquely qualified to be president: Barack Obama.

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