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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hillary Ally Drops Mailer In Florida -- Despite Candidates' Pledge Against Campaigning

By Greg Sargent - TMP

AFSCME drops a new mailer in Florida urging a vote for Hillary. The mailer was sent our way by a political operative, and while by law this has to be uncoordinated with the Hillary campaign, the union is obviously carrying out activity on her behalf despite the candidates' "pledge" against campaigning there.

The Hillary campaign aggressively made the case today that despite the pledge, the voters of Florida deserve to be heard and that the state's delegation should be seated.Also note the heavy push-back in the mailer on Obama's "change" message (which is done without mentioning Obama). Click on the images to enlarge:

UPDATE: Hillary's word: It's worth nothing

COURTING VOTERS in Iowa and New Hampshire, last August Sen. Hillary Clinton signed a pledge not to "campaign or participate" in the Michigan or Florida Democratic primaries. She participated in both primaries and is campaigning in Florida. Which proves, again, that Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Clinton kept her name on the Michigan ballot when others removed theirs, she campaigned this past weekend in Florida, and she is pushing to seat Michigan and Florida delegates at the Democratic National Convention. The party stripped those states of delegates as punishment for moving up their primary dates.

"I will try to persuade my delegates to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida," Clinton said last week, after the New Hampshire primaries and Iowa caucuses were safely over.

Clinton coldly and knowingly lied to New Hampshire and Iowa. Her promise was not a vague statement. It was a signed pledge with a clear and unequivocal meaning.

She signed it thinking that keeping the other candidates out of Michigan and Florida was to her advantage, but knowing she would break it if that proved beneficial later on. It did, and she did.

New Hampshire voters, you were played for suckers.

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