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Monday, January 28, 2008

Hillary Campaign's Talking Points On Bill's Jackson Comment And Kennedy's Obama Endorsement

By Greg Sargent, TMP

Here are the Hillary campaign's talking points, sent to surrogates to signal to them how they should respond to media questions about the racial dust-ups and Kennedy endorsement. They were forwarded our way by a source.

Here are the Hillary talkers on Bill's Jackson comment:



Wasn’t former President Bill Clinton playing the race card when he sought to downplay Barack Obama’s victory in South Carolina by comparing him to Jesse Jackson?

* No.

* Look, President Bill Clinton has spent his entire public and private life repairing the breach in this country.

* Both his Presidency and his post-presidency career have focused on unity, not division.

* So I reject the premise of the question.

* We need to focus on the challenges facing this country – the state of our economy, the continuing war in Iraq, the need for universal health care.

* And those challenges require a President who can come to the office ready to lead on day one, Hillary Clinton

And on the Kennedy endorsement:

Liberal Icon Senator Ted Kennedy is announcing today that he’s endorsing Barack Obama. News reports say that Bill Clinton personally lobbied Senator Kennedy to stay neutral but was ultimately rejected.

* We have enormous respect for the Kennedy family.

* We appreciate that Bobby Kennedy Jr., Kerry Kennedy, Anthony Kennedy Shriver and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend all made different choices and are supporting Hillary Clinton.

* Regardless of which Kennedy supports which candidate, we are aware that ultimately this election will be decided not by one family but by the voters themselves.

* And when it comes to a direct comparison on the issues, leadership skills and experience, Hillary Clinton is the best candidate in the race to lead this nation moving forward.

So if you hear some of this stuff, you'll have an idea where it came from. More after the jump.

Hillary's talking points on Florida:

Why is the Hillary Clinton campaign playing in Florida? No delegates will be seated and previously the campaigns promised not to campaign there.

* We are the only candidate who has not broken the pledge.

* While both sides promised not to run ads in Florida, Obama’s campaign broke that promise and is running paid television ads throughout the state.

* Senator Clinton has kept her word. While she has made private visits to the state, she has not made any public appearances and will not until the polls close tonight.

* But Florida clearly matters.

* An amazing thing is happening in Florida –

* People are already turning out in record numbers to make their voice heard.

* Over a half million Floridians have already voted.

* And for that reason we will continue having a presence in that state – but without breaking our word.

On momentum going into Feb. 5:

Who has momentum going into February 5th?

* This has been a closely contested race until now.

* But as we look ahead to Florida, American Samoa, and the February 5th states, which include California, New York and others – Hillary Clinton is better positioned than Barack Obama. In fact, two new polls give Hillary double digit leads in CA and NY.

* The reason? Hillary Clinton is more in tune with the concerns on the ground.

* Most of these states are facing economic pressures. All have military ties. All don’t want a patchwork solution to Healthcare – they want universal health care.

* And when it comes to the economy, Iraq and ensuring universal access to health care, Hillary Clinton is the best candidate in the race to lead this nation moving forward.

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