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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"I'm in an interracial marriage"

Presidential Candidate Tackles "Black" Issues
Richard Prince's Journal-isms

....On the advice of Newsday columnist Les Payne, who participated in a panel discussion immediately preceding Clinton's speech, moderator Suzanne Malveaux of CNN asked Clinton if she were "black enough," a question lobbed by some at Obama, the only African American in the presidential race. Malveaux also asked the senator why black voters should view her as favorably as they do her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

The candidate replied that it was a good thing to have a woman, an African American and a Hispanic, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, in the race, and that she hoped to be judged on her record and the case she is making for her election. As the most qualified Democrat, Clinton said, she is in the best position to beat the Republican in the fall election.

Later, in a session with the Trotter Group of African American columnists, she quipped, "I'm in an interracial marriage" — a reference to novelist Toni Morrison's famous line about Bill Clinton being the first black president.....

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NPR also reports on Hillary's comment about being in a interracial mariage.

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