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Friday, January 25, 2008

Interesting Poll Numbers

Interesting point. The media has been reporting the Obama is losing white support,, but someone over at TPM pointed out some interesting observations about this who "polarizing" memo going around which is jammed up by the SurveyUSA final polling in SC.

1/24 White Black

Clinton 38% 18%
Edwards 38% 6%

Obama 21% 73%

12/9 White Black

Clinton 51% 39%

Edwards 23% 2%

Obama 19% 56%

With whites, Clinton -13, Edwards +15, Obama +2.
With blacks, Clinton -21, Edwards +4, Obama +17. Clinton lost a lot of the white vote, Edwards gained a lot and Obama gained a small amount as well. Clinton lost a lot of the black vote, Edwards gained a little, and Obama gained a lot. Obama gained white support since SurveyUSA's poll in December and Hillary has lost a LOT of both white and black support. Looks like people in general are turning away from Clinton from these numbers. Whites going to Edwards, blacks to Obama.

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