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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama for Democratic Nominee

By The Crimson Staff

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, Democrats in 22 states, including Massachusetts, will go to the polls to select the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States. We hope they select Sen. Barack H. Obama. He has won our unmitigated support because he has the experience, policy proposals, and vision required not only to be president, but to fundamentally alter the way our broken political system functions.
Obama has committed his life to furthering the public good. From starting as a community organizer, to working as a constitutional lawyer and law professor, to serving as a Ill. State Senator, and, finally, as an United States Senator, Obama has achieved before the age of fifty what many would aspire to do in a lifetime. The judgment and perspective he has acquired in these roles are qualities that are necessary in a leader, particularly at the highest levels of government, where elected officials are inundated with questions with profound and lasting repercussions. On issues of substance, Obama has assembled an impressive array of policies that demonstrate careful thought about the immediate problems facing our country today and those that we will encounter in the long term. Although we do not agree with all of Obama’s proposals, every one of his plans is informed, carefully crafted, and thoughtfully considered.

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