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Monday, January 21, 2008

Top Of The Ticket

New poll: U.S. more ready for black prez than female one

A new poll just out from CNN/Opinion Research tied to Martin Luther King Day today finds blacks and whites optimistic and pretty much in agreement -- 84% whites, 78% blacks -- that a lot or moderate progress has been made toward the civil rights leader's dream of equality in American society.

But hidden near the bottom of the survey of nearly 1,400 adult Americans Jan. 14-17 is some disturbing news for Sen. Hillary Clinton heading into tonight's Democratic debate in South Carolina and the party's primary there Saturday.

The survey's numbers show that Americans are more ready for a black president than a female president. You read that right.

In Saturday's Nevada caucuses, Clinton beat Barack Obama in the total....

vote, but Obama captured something more than 80% of the black vote from the wife of the president sometimes called "the first black president." That already augured ill for her fortunes heading into South Carolina where half the Democratic vote is African American.

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