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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cagey Cajun

Adam Radwanski

James Carville gave an entertaining talk last night at the Grano Speakers Series in Toronto, even if he was careful not to say a whole lot about the presidential race that we couldn't have figured out on our own. And unlike when he met with the National Post, he mercifully kept his clothes on. But possibly owing to sleep deprivation, he may have forgotten a fairly obvious rule: Don't leave your personal itinerary sitting in full public view in a room full of journalists.

Now, maybe there's some other explanation for it. But personally, if I'd been vigorously denying a role in Hillary Clinton's campaign (beyond financial contributions), I'd probably be especially protective of that itinerary if its front page referred to participating in an "HRC strategy call."

Obviously, Carville isn't front-and-centre in the campaign if he was north of the border the day after Super Tuesday. But even if he's not being paid, it might be open to interpretation how well his claim to not be doing any "domestic political consulting" holds up.

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