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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Does Principles And Character Matter in Politics?

One of my readers sent me Bill Press' column, which enraged me and I had to respond. By all means please share your thoughts.

Mr. Press,
I just read "How The Democrats Could Lose". How disrespectful can you be. You are suggesting that I should put a democrat in the white house at any cost. Let me be as clear as I can. My vote is not unprincipled and as I told Howard Dean, I have voted for Democrats for 39 years. But, when Mark Green used identity-politics in his NYC 2002 bid for Mayor, I and other New Yorkers took a principled stand and voted for Mike Bloomberg. Mr. Press, I am keeping my eye on the big picture. Maybe you need to stop looking at Sen.Obama's people as a voting block and respect them as "Value Voters". As for me its simple my people died for the right to vote and I will not knowingly vote for anyone who uses racially divisive and polarizing tactics to win and election.

Shame on you, the Clintons' and the Democratic Party.

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(Hat Tip/Peter)

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