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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary Camp Update

√ Clinton ended January with debt of more than $7 million; owing more than $2 million of the red ink is owed to chief consultant and adviser, Mark Penn.

√ The new pro-Hillary 527 that aims to raise big bucks for ads in Ohio and beyond will, it turns out, be disclosing its donors.

√ Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign, reeling from 10 unanswered losses to rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), is giving supporters a chance to weigh in on the campaign with senior officials Thursday morning.

Penn: Hillary Will Mount a Commander-In-Chief Offensive

√ Clinton Aides Split on How to Take On Obama

On Tuesday night, Obama had packed in a capacity crowd of more than 18,000 at the Toyota Center in Houston, home of the National Basketball Association's Houston Rockets. But when Clinton emerged to speak at the 6,800-seat Dodge Arena here -- home of a minor-league hockey team -- rows and rows of empty blue seats awaited. Organizers had pulled out all the stops: a two-dozen-piece mariachi band, Mexican dancers, a cowboy-cowgirl dancing act, a goth rock band, even a guy throwing out T-shirts and shouting "Who's excited?" But it was no use. In the top row of the arena, Jose G. Bustos, wearing a Clinton T-shirt and sticker, had Section 120 to himself. He surveyed the crowd. "We were expecting a little more," he said.

√ Update: Dodge Arena –
LA JOYA - Busloads of La Joya high school students were taken to the Hillary Clinton rally at the Dodge Arena. But none were taken to the Barack Obama rally in Edinburg. NEWSCHANNEL 5 wanted to know why. We asked school administrators. They tell us the Clinton campaign sent the school an invitation. The Obama campaign didn’t.

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