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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I smell trouble in the Hillary campaign

Clinton Will Call on Edwards as President
Eloise Harper,ABC News

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., speaking in Lewiston, Maine, said that she would call on former No. Carolina Sen. John Edwards if she becomes president.

“There is a lot John and I have in common. I will be a fighter, and I intend to ask John Edwards to be a part of anything I do in the White House.” Clinton was prompted to speak about Edwards after a woman stood up and sad she was a former supporter of his -– but has not switched allegiances to Clinton. The woman commended Edwards for being a fighter –- and thought Clinton was a fighter, as well.

Clinton mentioned earlier in the speech that Edwards was the only other candidate running who offered a universal health care plan. “I was proud Sen. Edwards and I decided to put ourselves on the line politically,” she said.

Edwards has not endorsed any candidate, and it would be a helpful endorsement for Clinton or Obama to have in this tight race. Clinton asked voters in Lewiston to stand up for her tomorrow during the caucuses in Maine.

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