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Friday, February 01, 2008

Silent Protest At Clinton Rally

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones
SAN DIEGO, CA -- About 40 minutes into a speech Clinton was delivering in front of a huge crowd at San Diego State University, two young men stood up and unfurled a red banner that read: "Nepotist tyrant hands off Iran", with the senator's picture attached to the middle.

The men had been seated behind Clinton -- and directly across from the press riser -- as she spoke and she had her back to them the entire time they were standing. She never turned their way and it was unclear whether she was aware they were there.

The students stood for several minutes as a handful of Clinton supporters came up each side of the aisle to talk to them. Eventually, a man wearing a yellow SMART union for Hillary T-shirt snatched the banner from the men. The crowd cheered.

The senator did not take questions after the event.

Clinton has been criticized for her vote to call the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, which she has repeatedly said was not a vote to authorize force.

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