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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tidbit 2

The RBC (Rules and Bylaws Committee) of the DNC voted to strip Florida and Michigan of its delegates. It is comprised of many Clinton supporters. The two co-chairs served in various positions in the Clinton Administration. Harold Ickes is a current campaign advisor. 11 of the 30 members of the RBC are pledged superdelegates of Hillary Clinton (with asteriks below). Most RBC members remain uncommitted. Only 2 are pledged to Obama (Martha Fuller Clark and Everett Ward). It is pretty obvious that Hillary Clinton supported stripping Michigan and Florida of its delegates. She had a big lead in the polls last fall (the time of the vote) and was happy to have the race shortened by eliminating two of the largest post super-tuesday contests.


Alexis Herman (co-chair, Washington , D.C. )

James Roosevelt, Jr. (co-chair, Massachusetts )

**Harold Ickes, Jr. (Washington, D.C.)
Donna Brazille ( Washington , D.C.)

Donald Fowler (South Carolina) Allan Katz ( Florida )
Elizabeth Smith (Washington, D.C.)
Mark Brewer ( Michigan )
Ralph Dawson ( New York )
**Hartina Flournay (Washington, D.C.)
Carol Khare Fowler ( South Carolina )

Alice Germond ( Washington , D.C. )
Jaime Gonzalez, Jr. ( Texas )

Janice Griffin ( Virginia )

Alice Huffman (California)
Thomas Hynes ( Illinois )
Ben Johnson (Washington, D.C.)
Elaine Kamarck (Massachusetts )
Eric Kleinfeld (Washington, D.C.)
David McDonald (state of Washington )
**Mona Pasquil (California )
Mame Reiley (Virginia )
Garry Shay ( California )

Michael Steed ( Washington , D.C. )

Sharon Stroschein ( South Dakota )

Everett Ward ( North Carolina )

Jerome Wiley Segovia ( Virginia )
Sarah Swisher (Iowa)
Yvonne Gates ( Nevada )

Martha Fuller Clark
( New Hampshire )

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