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Friday, February 29, 2008

Update:Clinton Lawsuit Threat Is to Stop Texas Caucus Results Reporting

Al Giordano, The Field

Update II: Texas State Representative Jim Dunham - the House Democratic Leader in Austin for the past six years - and Obama staffer Steve Hildebrand, who has been party to the negotiations and three-way calls between the Texas Democratic Party and the Clinton and Obama campaigns, just held a conference call for reporters on this lawsuit threat.

The Field asked Hildebrand what argument is being used by the Clinton campaign to oppose the timely disclosure of the caucus results.

“I think they’re afraid of what the caucus results might be,” he replied. “So they want to try and diminish the results.”

“Maybe they’re looking to delay that blow another day or two,” added Dunham.

“Early voting is off the charts,” Dunham said at the beginning of the call. “Independents and Republicans are actually moving in our direction. At the State House, Democrats have picked up six seats in two years, we’re four seats from tying it up, five seats from a majority. We’ve picked up two seats in the US Congress in the past two years. So I was disturbed that we’ve got a presidential candidate that is willing to dampen all that enthusiasm, who says that red states aren’t going to matter, and that Texas is not part of the Democrats’ calculation in November. But we’re gonna make history. You just watch.”

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