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Thursday, February 07, 2008

You got to love the narrative

Lets see if I got it.

Hillary’s bad management, over paid staff and Obama's campaign strength has pressure her to loan the campaign 5M of “her” own money. The spin from her campaign is that they believes this shows her character, that she has now demonstrated to her supporters that she is committed to this race.

Well I head it all.

The media has not once question her judgment. Hillary's campaign is so strap for funds, that s
ome senior staffers on her campaign also are voluntarily forgoing paychecks, but she spend thousands of dollars on a campaign victory party in Florida where you did not win any delegates. What’s up with that? Now I look in my mailbox and there is another Dear Priscilla email notifying me that the campaign exceeding their initial request of 3M by a 1M. Without missing a beat there is another request —the campaign ex out the $3 and inserts $6 in red — without once saying Thank You. Character for sure.

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