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Monday, March 17, 2008

Another one for Obama

by kos

Late last week I blogged this AP article which claimed Clinton had picked up the support of three new super delegates. It turns out the AP was wrong, as bean counter extraordinaire Chuck Todd notes:

By our count, the Clinton campaign hasn’t publicly announced the support of a new superdelegate since just after February 5. Indeed, since Super Tuesday, Obama has gained 47 new superdelegates, while Clinton has lost seven (including Eliot Spitzer). Does Clinton have a bigger problem on the superdelegate front than folks realize?

Actually, make that 48 supers for Obama.

So since March 4, the delegate count is:

Obama Clinton

OH +66 +75
TX +99 +94
RI +8 +13
VT +9 +6

WY +7 +5
MS +19 +14

County Conventions

IA +9 -1

Final Certified Results Adjustments

CA +3 -3
CO -4 +4
NY -1 +1
IL +2 -2

Total 217 206

Then there's the super delegate stuff. Todd says Clinton has lost seven and Obama gained 47 (48 after today's addition) since Feb. 5. I don't know when those additions and subtractions occurred in relation to March 4, so I can't add them to my little chart above.

But all together, it proves once again that real momentum -- that gauged by actual numbers and results -- and not what the media tells us, is still firmly in Obama direction.

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