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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomberg, Obama Meeting Fuels Endorsement Rumors

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Mayor Bloomberg will stand side by side with Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama for the second time in four months Thursday. Bloomberg will introduce the Illinois senator at a speech on the economy at Cooper Union College.

They have spent time with each other in the past, but Bloomberg's latest appearance with Obama is fueling speculation about whether the mayor will officially endorse the presidential candidate.

The billionaire mayor had considered his own independent presidential campaign but said last month that he had decided not to run. He said his focus would be on getting the candidates to embrace a bipartisan approach.

The meeting comes at a crucial time in the Democratic primary race. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are making significant efforts to move past their own controversies, while trying to secure the coveted Democratic nomination.

At a fundraiser in Washington Wednesday, Clinton told supporters, "this has been a spirited contest and you know what? It should be because that's how America works best."

Bloomberg has said his endorsement is up for grabs in the presidential race.

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