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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Camp Hillary

√ Ben Smith: The damage to Obama (NAFTA gate) came when more details emerged about a specific meeting; a lot of reporters are chasing that detail in Hillaryland today.

Wyoming Obama supporters get excited to "erase" Clinton's March 4 margin.

√ Howard Wolfson softening on a re-vote, told reporters on a conference call that it's "premature to comment on any option, but we are certainly following it closely and with enormous interest.

√ Penn sent an e-mail to the senior campaign staff comparing Obama's victory there to Jesse L. Jackson's two wins in the 1980s. Bill Clinton made the same comparison to reporters that day.

√ Hillary accused Obama of offering "change you can Xerox." The line, advisers said, was offered by Bruce Reed, a Clinton White House official. Reed is the president of the conservative Democratic Leadership Council.

√ Eight years ago, when Hillary parachuted into NY to become our Senator, she and Howard Wolfson became completely obsessed with opponent Rick Lazio's tax returns, which he did not release until the end of August.

Clinton Gets a Superdelegate Senator Barbara Boxer (as Obama Lands Three)

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