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Monday, March 17, 2008

Clinton Press Conference Call: To Discuss The Iraq War

Ben Smith, Politico
The Washington Post's Michael Dobbs stood up for Samantha Power on Clinton's conference call today, questioning whether Clinton wouldn't -- as Power said Obama would -- adjust her plan to meet the reality in Iraq.

2008ElectionCentral kindly posted the audio (above).

"Even if there's a new upsurge of violence in Iraq she will stick to that plan, or is that just the best case scenario?" he asked.

Clinton aides Lee Feinstein, Neera Tanden, and Howard Wolfson argued back, with Wolfson finally cutting in to give a one-word answer to whether Clinton would bring the troops home no matter what: "Yes."

Wolfson also argued that the central issue here isn't that Clinton and Obama have different stances, but that Obama has attacked Hillary for the very flexibility that Power attributed to him.

Anyway, it was an interesting, heated exchange. Take a listen.

Hillary's website says that she will direct her Joint Chiefs of Staff, her Secretary of Defense, and her National Security Council to draw up a clear, viable plan to bring our troops home starting with the first 60 days of her Administration. So does she has plans already or will she have plans drawn up.

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