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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Morning...Udated

Video Update: 18th Congressional District Convention

Results from Texas
County Conventions

(As of 1:39 am Obama is on his
way to winning Texas will follow-up tomorrow)

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee at odd with her constituents

HOUSTON -- On the campus of Texas Southern University was a Democratic Senate District convention unlike the others being held across the state.

Democrats together, but yet still divided over who should be the Democratic presidential nominee.

And never more was that more apparent than when longtime Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took the stage.

A majority of the crowd showed its support for Barack Obama by shouting his name and booing the congresswoman, letting her know what they thought of her allegiance to Hillary Clinton.

To some, especially Clinton supporters at the convention, the booing came out of nowhere.

"I was a little surprise there was that kind of activity going on,” said Jeffery, who is a Clinton supporter.

But for those backing Obama, they said it sent a clear message to the congresswoman from her constituents.

"For her to standout against the wishes of her district and be a Clinton supporter, I guess pissed off our delegation,” said Obama supporter Phillip.

For years, Sheila Jackson Lee has been a popular politician in the 18th Congressional district; winning re-election overwhelmingly at least five times since 1995. The district is predominately made of up African American voters.

"It is always tough to go into the face of adversity,” she admitted to the chorus of boos she received Saturday.

But could the disfavor from those who support Obama, hurt Jackson Lee?

"We are somewhat in uncharted waters,” said 11 News political expert Bob Stein. “It simply reflects the fact that Lee is in tough position here.

“Her district when 90-percent to 10-percent for Obama.”

For Jackson-Lee though, it is all about keeping her word.

"What would I be if I went back on my word to an individual that I've worked with for more than a decade and sat down talked to me about her vision for America,” said Jackson Lee.

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