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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hillary's "END GAME" Strategy

Get Little Opposition Help

Limbaugh Calls on the Republican Right to help Hillary out in Texas and Ohio

Voter Suppression
Hillary's Tough Caucus Strategy

√ Cliton supporters rip Texas caucus system

Change Reality
√ Clinton belittles Obama as a "lot of talk, little action"
√ Its Obama who must win "Texas and Ohio"

Blame the Media
Bill on going negative: Media bias made her do it

I'm a Girl
Playing Field for Her as Candidate Not Even Because of Her Gender

When All Else Fails Blame The Staff
The blame game between chief strategist Mark Penn and her top political svengali, Harold Ickes, has burst into the open as Clinton's poll numbers plunge.

Politics of Fear

√ Why are the letters "NIG" on the child's pajamas?"
Mailer: "American Families Can't Afford Barack Obama"

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