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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama's "bad" week

by kos

Obama started last week with 1,203 delegates, Clinton with 1,043. Since then:

Obama Clinton
66 75
RI 8 13
VT 9 6
TX 99 94
WY 7 5

Total 189 193

So that's a four-delegate gain for Clinton.

That pegs things at 192-193 for the week.

And then on Saturday, Obama provided material help in Bill Foster's dramatic upset victory in IL-14, filming an ad and sending hundreds of volunteers into the district. The Republicans had John McCain campaign for the Republican candidate, yet still lost proving that Obama 1) is more focused on party building and down-ballot races than the Clinton campaign (where was she?), 2) that he could out-battle McCain in the first proxy battle of the season, and 3) that he's got some serious coattails.

Oh, and Bill Foster is now a super delegate and repaid Obama's largesse by promising him his vote.

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A KOS reader passed on a full list of all the super delegates who announced the last six days their endorsements:


  1. DNC Carol Fowler (SC), 3-4-08
  2. Mary Long (GA), 3-4-08
  3. Roy LaVerne Brooks (TX), 3-4-08
  4. Rhine McLin (OH), 3-5-08
  5. DNC Jane Kidd (GA), 3-5-08
  6. DNC Darlena Williams-Burnett (IL), 3-5-08
  7. DNC Connie Thurman (IN), 3-6-08
  8. Rep. Nick Rahall (WV), 3-6-08
  9. DNC Teresa Benitez-Thompson (NV), 3-6-08
  10. DNC Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker (CA), 3-7-08
  11. Rep. Bill Foster (IL), 3-9-08
  12. DNC Mary Jo Neville (OH), 3-9-08


  1. Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA), 3-6-08
  2. DNC Mona Mohib (DC), 3-6-08
  3. DNC Aleita Huguenin (CA), 3-7-08
  4. DNC Mary Lou Winters (LA), 3-8-08

So that's an 8-delegate advantage for Obama.

As that reader noted in his email to me:

In the bigger picture, HRC lead in super delegates stood at 97 one month ago today. Today her lead is only 32. HRC has gained 18 Super delegates in the past month while Senator Obama has gained 83. a month ago nearly 2 out of 3 declared super delegates were Clinton supporters now it is just over one half.

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