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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sorry I Missed This Yesterday

Superdelegate Lynn Woolsey update

So today...on my umpteenth call to one of her offices to protest this...I was transferred to someone who said:

She is now going to be voting with her Congressional District.

The woman I spoke with did not use the word endorse...but this is looking much better. She said that her news release should be out soon and it will also be on her website. I checked the website...not there yet.

Now I don't know if my phone calls and all the other phone calls made a difference....but maybe they did. So keep calling your superdelegates too!

Here Is A List Of Other Delegates You Can Call:

Of Clinton's 253 super delegates, 82 are from districts and/or states that voted for Obama. Now a certain number of those are DNC members and not elected office holders. I actually feel that Senators and Governors should be free to endorse whomever they choose. However Nancy Pelosi does seem to be signaling that Representatives should support the winner of their Congressional district.

So here are the Reps that have endorsed Hillary, but their districts voted for Obama. They probably all endorsed her quite a while before the voting began.

Rep. Mike Thompson CA 1st
Rep. Doris Matsui CA 5th
Rep. Lynn Woolsey CA 6th (changing?)
Rep. Diane Watson CA 33rd
Rep. Laura Richardson CA 37th

Rep. Leonard Boswell, IA 3rd

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger MD 2nd

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver MO 5th

Rep. Bill Pascrell NJ. 8th

Rep. Edolphus Towns NY 10th
Rep. Yvette Clark NY 11th ( I called Clark's Campaign Office today 718-940-2008 and left a message. I will stay on top of this)

Rep. Norman Dicks WA 6th

Rep. Tammy Baldwin WI 2nd

Far fewer of Obama's Supers are supporting him against the will those who voted for them. The most notable of these are Ted Kennedy and Bill Richardson.

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