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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The American Voter Lost Tonight

Barack and Hillary Please, Please No More Debates!

Let ABC what you think about this 'debate'

You can call ABC
Main switchboard:
(818) 460-7477
press #2 wait for the prompt then
press# 6
wait for the prompt then
press 639 to leave 30 message.

More ABC News contact information here

Post-Debate Section:

Halperin’s Grades:
Obama B+
Clinton B

Philadelphia Channel 6 Focus Group:

(Out of 22 undecided respondents):
11 thought Clinton won.
5 thought Obama won.
6 thought it a tie.
Who would they vote for, it came out Clinton 12, Obama 10, or 55 percent to 45:

Ok, This is what I take away from this debate tonight.

1. The first 50 minutes get a ugly ABC backlash

2. Hillary's goal was to show the supperdelegates she more electable, but admitted
YES YES YES he can. How can she spin that he is not electable now?


Hillary Rodham Clinton said emphatically Wednesday night that Barack Obama can win the White House this fall, undercutting her efforts to deny him the Democratic presidential nomination by suggesting he would lead the party to defeat.

"Yes, yes, yes," she said when pressed about Obama's electability during a campaign debate six days before the Pennsylvania primary.

Can you hear the sigh of relief, Hillary just made the suppers job easier.

3. Barack's goal was to get the country to see him as the nominee and he did ok, no gaffes or new talking points, ABC and even Hillary helped by keeping the focusing on him.

4. Hillary was not the victim but the attacker, can I get a Amen

5. The dynamics did not change and the Clinton supports now know the are getting closer to the end of this race and there is no game changer tonight. Obama will get sympathy, more dollars and most important the Clinton supporter now will move towards viewing Barack as acceptable.

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