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Monday, April 21, 2008

Lunch Time Read: Hillary Clinton's 'Republican' tactics backfire in battle for Pennsylvania

President Bush’s election guru Karl Rove tells our correspondent in Philadelphia that she has left it too late to assail Barack Obama
WITH days to turn around her presidential campaign or face defeat, Hillary Clinton swung through Pennsylvania last week on a crash tour to squeeze every last vote out of the state after being outshone, outspent and outmanoeuvred by Barack Obama in a bloody campaign.

For a moment, it appeared that the Clintons would stop at nothing to block the Illinois senator’s ascent to the nomination Hillary once regarded as rightfully hers. Chelsea Clinton appeared on a college stage with her mother and seemed to be hinting at a shock announcement. “As someone who is thinking of having my own family in the not too distant future . . .” she began.

Chelsea, 28, extended the riff about her “children” for so long that it seemed possible she was about to declare herself engaged or perhaps even pregnant, but a campaign aide explained later that she was merely teasing Hillary who, like any mother, would love her to get on with marriage and a family.

After Hillary Clinton threw everything including the kitchen sink at Obama last week, one last wild move to boost supporters’ spirits would have surprised nobody – because nothing, so far, has been able to prevent the Democratic presidential nomination from slipping out of her grasp in the run-up to Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary.

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