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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Must Read: Lanny Davis: Civil Dialogue on the Issue of Reverend Wright

......My simple reasons for wanting to publish Jeh’s e-mail are

First, while I am still a strong supporter of Senator Clinton, I hope that others like myself, who consider themselves to be loyal, progressive Democrats but still have some concerns about the Rev. Wright issue, will read Jeh’s comments and gain a better understanding, as I did, of Senator Obama and his speech about Rev. Wright’s sermons.

Second, I hope that, by reading Jeh’s comments, thoughtful supporters of both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton will realize that continuing this type of respectful and civil dialogue helps, not hurts, the Democratic Party’s chances in November.

Finally, I want to contrast Jeh’s approach to the ugly haters and name-callers I also heard from in response to my op-ed piece....

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