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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Obama picks up two more delegates in Mississippi

by kos

Mississippi certified returns have been updated - Obama +1, Clinton -1

Good news for Obama, now that the Mississippi secretary of state has certified the results of their primary.

The final tally is:

Obama - 265,502
Clinton - 159,221

That gives Obama a heads-up 62.512% victory, which WILL switch another state-wide at-large delegate to him (there are 4 statewide pledged PLEO's in Mississippi, so 62.5% is the tipping point for them to break 3-1 instead of 2-2).

Net net? Now Mississippi broke 20-13.

On another note, Obama's margin of victory in Mississippi no longer "almost eclipsed" Hillary's primary margin in Texas - it completely surpassed it. To all you popular vote total affecianadoes, the hill just got a little steeper.

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