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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Obama Raised $40 Million in March..... Clinton not sharing

One could assume that Obama's fundraising would have taken a hit this month unarguable his worst campaign month, with losing the Texas and Ohio primaries (he won the Texas delegates race), the Pastor Wright dust up, and the downward poll numbers. But, there is no denying that the electorate wants change and willing to invest $40 Million in Obama.

Well, McSame raised 13 million, the Clinton campaign told Time that they did not hit $20 million.

April 22, is the next primary contest in Pennsylvania, Ben Smith is reporting that Clinton's aide Howard Wolfson said their fundraising totals will be out when the fillings are due, around April 20. Wolfson went on to say that Mrs. Clinton will be releasing her tax returns today or tomorrow.

Methinks the campaign broke, my only questions is how long can she keep running on empty.

  • Total Raised in March: More than $40 million

    Contributors in March: More than 442,000

    First-Time Contributors in March: More than 218,000

    Average Contribution: $96

    Total Contributors to Date: More than 1,276,000

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