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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Campaign News

√ Monthly FEC reports have to be filed by midnight Eastern time tonight.

√ Obama Raises More Than $31 Million in April

√ Terry McAuliffe who, this afternoon, told his favorite network, FOX, that Obama can win Florida and Ohio, "Sure if Senator Obama is the nominee, can we win these states? Of course."

Chuck Todd, if Obama wins more than 50 delegates tonight, which is quite possible, he will be able to claim that
  1. He is within about 70 delegates of reaching 2026 and
  2. He has a majority of pledged delegates INCLUDING what Clinton would win if the delegations of Florida and Michigan were seated in total.
√ Obama's tribal name: Barack Black Eagle

Gallup notices that Sen. Barack Obama is surging precisely among those voting groups who had resisted his charms to date. To wit:

Obama's now beating Clinton among Hispanics, for example.

McKinnon steps away from the McCain campaign because he doesn't want to go tough on Obama.

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