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Friday, May 16, 2008

Campaign Trail: The Softer Side

EVENT: Obama Shakes Hands at Watertown Airport

No news. Sens. Barack Obama and Tom Daschle greeted about 75 voters waiting for him right outside the Watertown, SD airport.

The Mayor of Watertown, Paul Fox, 58, welcomed Obama. The canidate asked how long he had been mayor. “Three years,” Fox said. “Looks loke he’s holding up alright,” Obama joked with Daschle.

Fox said he’s not endorsing a candidate “We’re non-political. I’m doing this out of respect for the dignitary and to welcome Sen. Obama,” he said.

At one point 2-year-old Henry Thronson jumped in Obama’s arms, taking him off gaurd (in a happy way). “Hey there, I like your Terridactle shirt,” Obama said about his orange dinosaur t-shirt.

The toddler’s father, Joe Thronson, 30, says he’ll defenitely vote for Obama. “He’s just different,” Thronson said when asked why he’s supporting him.

Obama signed 12-year-old Cole Brenden’s flourescent green cast. He hurt his arm playing football, he told the candidate. “Get well soon,” Obama said.

He said hi to a slew of babies. He stopped to greet a chubby baby. “Looks like she’s having trouble eating,” he joked to the baby’s mom. “I had babies just like this–round–and now they’re tall and lean.”

“Thank you for coming over!” a woman shouted. Obama signed a kid’s arm. “That rocked,” the little boy said watching the wet ink dry.

Obama then headed to the motorcade to go to the Codington County Extension Complex for his scheduled event. Endit.

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