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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton misplays race card while Barack Obama is treated like rock star

It's should be noted that Sen. Barack Obama won Rep. Yvette Clarke Congressional district. As a resident of the district I have made several attempts to express my displeasure with Ms. Clarke's support for Mrs. Clinton. The closest I was able to get to her was a half hour conversation with her mother Mrs. Una Clark who assure me that she was raised well. I have a hard time reconciling Rep. Clarke a African American continue support for Mrs. Clinton after her 'white hardworking people' statement, then runs like some groupie to get Sen. Obama's autograph. After several calls and emails I now have a call into Ms. Clarks assistance Scott Levinson. I will continue to call and insist that she should follow the will of her district and after her public display of affection for Sen. Obama it would seem she would be following her hart by endorsing Sen. Obama......developing

...Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) eagerly beseeched a smiling Obama to autograph the cover of Thursday's Daily News - headlined "It's His Party" - while some 200 Democratic members swarmed the likely nominee and showered him with hugs, kisses and backslaps.

"Well, it was a historic moment," a laughing Clarke spokeswoman Chic Smith said in explaining the aisle-blocking moves of her boss, who is technically a Clinton backer...

And then there was Rep. Charles Rangel who continue to support Mrs. Clinton yet hugs Sen Obama on the floor of the House. Give me a break......

...Representative Charles Rangel of New York, who is black and has been an absolutely unwavering supporter of Senator Clinton’s White House quest, told The Daily News: “I can’t believe Senator Clinton would say anything that dumb.

My representatives make me so proud to be a New Yorker

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