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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hillary turns fire on media

By |Politico

PORTLAND, Ore. – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is increasingly aiming its punches not at her front-running opponent Barack Obama, but at the media.

On the campaign trail, in a new ad and in her meetings with donors and superdelegates, she blasts the D.C. punditocracy for counting her out and urges anyone who’ll listen to ignore the hardening storyline that places Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee.

The goal is two-fold. Clinton, a New York senator, wants to staunch the flow of uncommitted superdelegates to Obama, an Illinois senator, by convincing them she can still win the nomination. She also wants to generate a protest vote in the four states that have yet to hold primaries, as well as in Puerto Rico.

The Clinton camp believes a media backlash drove up turnout among her supporters in West Virginia, which last week delivered a landslide 67 percent to 26 percent victory for her.

“Because I believe that I am better prepared to be president and I am more likely to be able to win, I don’t care what the pundits say. I’m going to leave it up to the voters,” Clinton said Friday night at a televised town hall meeting at Portland’s NBC affiliate. She said pundits have been counting her out “since Iowa and the voters always prove them wrong. I mean, I’ve been declared dead so many times and luckily it’s been premature and I’m hoping it stays premature.”

Also on Friday, Clinton’s campaign began airing an ad (see below) in Oregon, which holds its primary Tuesday, that pits her against the Beltway media elites.

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