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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hillary's New Metrics: The 3/5 Rule...Updated

As I have said time and time again as a Black American I will not vote for Hillary even if she has the VP spot on Obama's ticket......And I'm not alone

Hillary Clinton boasts of support from "white Americans"

√ TMP: Hillary: But I've Got The White People!
  • Clinton makes a case for her continued candidacy to USA Today, saying Obama is "weakening again" with "working, hard-working Americans, white Americans." Racially divisive words? No, she says: "These are the people you have to win if you're a Democrat."
√ Too Sense: Fellow White Folks: It Is Time to Denounce and Reject Hillary Clinton

Andrew Sullivan: She goes there:

  • Does she hear herself? "Working, hard-working Americans, white Americans." "Whites in both states." If a Republican said this about a black opponent, his career would be in jeopardy for racism.
Huffington Post: Clinton: Obama Not Winning Over 'Hard-Working Americans, White American

American blog: Vote for Hillary - She's Whiter s'

Oops. Metric

Hillary is race-baiting again. Gee, no one could have predicted that one. I wrote yesterday how it was rather odd that, within one 24 hour period, Hillary and two top allies kept saying that Obama's voters weren't very good because they're black, and that her voters were better because they're white. The language was stark - starker than politicians normally use when talking about race - and even the journalists covering the comments noted as much. It smelled to me like more than a coincidence. For some reason, Hillary wanted to drop the word "white" and "black," and that somehow mentioning the races, reminding voters that she is white and Obama is black, would help her win. Considering the Clintons recent history of race-baiting Obama, the reappearance of racial talking points is disturbing.


√ Politico: Clinton's 'white Americans'

√ David Corn:
Hillary Has One Option: Going Nuclear

√ Jack And Jill:
Clinton's Race-Baiting Continues
  • Apparently not satisfied with her plummeting approval ratings among black voters, Hillary Clinton decided to remind us again that our votes don't actually count:
√ Oliver Wills: Hillary White Power Clinton

More Background:
In case you misse it I posted Hillary Press Conference yesterday whre she started to clearly assert that having won the white vote in North Carolina she's further demonstrated her electability in the general election.

And then there was this on election night: Donna Brazile took on Paul Begala last night over what it means to be a Democrat.


√ Daily Kos: Clinton: But whites like me!

  • How is that not race-baiting?

    Are African Americans not hard working? Are Americans with college degrees not hard working? And this obsession with race!

    And she's wrong, too. Look at Obama's support in these relevant categories over the last six contests, spanning eight whole weeks.


    White 44 34 26 37 40 37
    No College 42 40 58 42 46 56
    College Grad 55 51 62 49 50 57
    Over $50K 51 47 52 45 49 60
    Under $50K 47 42 66 46 50 54

    So how can Clinton be so wrong? Because she's citing an AP-Yahoo News poll from back on May 3rd. Rather than cite actual voter data, she is basing her claims on an old poll taken before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

    Yup. That's what Hillary Clinton has been reduced to. Ignoring actual votes and cherry picking polls.

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