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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary:"There is no margin for error,... Ready from Day 1"

Mrs. Clinton publicly vowed to fight on for the nomination while campaigning on Friday in Oregon. But a new, more conciliatory tone crept into her stump speeches, as she shied away from the more spirited attacks on Mr. Obama that characterized her recent primary battles, instead engaging him more gently on the issues while aiming her fire on Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee.

The superdelegate movement toward Mr. Obama, of Illinois — giving him a net gain of six on Friday alone, with more expected — increased the pressure on Mrs. Clinton, of New York, to at least refrain from divisive remarks, particularly after her comments on Wednesday that lower-income white voters would not support Mr. Obama if he became the Democratic nominee. Aides now say she regrets the comments......

Publicly, Mrs. Clinton is signaling that she is in the fight to win. In her speeches and in personal pleas to undecided superdelegates, she argues that she has proved better than Mr. Obama at attracting support from Latinos, Roman Catholics and older and working-class voters, and is better equipped than he is to win the swing states in November.

“There is no margin for error,” she said on Thursday night at a fairground in Central Point, Ore. “We need to elect someone who understands how Washington works and is ready from Day 1.”

But It should be noted that Friday Hillary's campaign strategist Howard Wolfson had this to say about 'White Americans'. So, does Hillary really regret her comments or does she now know that superdelegates, voters and the media find her comments troubling?

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