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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Pro-Clinton PAC Plans Media Blitz


WomenCount PAC buys full-page ad in Friday’s USA Today, and explores other venues to proclaim “unwavering support” for the New York Senator despite (or, because of) efforts to drive her from the race.

WomenCount Letter to Clinton Supporters

From: Susie Buell
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:03 AM
To: Susie Buell; Belinda V. Munoz; Baribeau, Elizabeth

Dear Hillary Supporters:
We’ve had quite a day today, empowered by yesterday’s Mother’s Day
celebration. We’d been talking about the media’s unfair treatment of
Hillary and all the pundits wanting to call the race before it’s
finished, and so, today, a bunch of us decided to take it to the
media in their own back yard.
We wrote the attached proclamation.
We want the “paper of record” to record our strong, unflinching
support for Hillary and to galvanize women to pressure super
delegates and the press to wait until the votes are cast before they
anoint a victor.
The stakes are so high in this race; they are so far beyond a simple
question of “who” will be our next President; this election is about
what is to become of our nation. We all know this…deeply…which is
why we are moved to create and place this ad asking this nation and
the SD’s to wait for the entire primary process to play itself out.
Every vote MUST be heard. Every state MUST be included. NOBODY has
the right to ask Hillary to step aside when so much is on the line.

The letter will run in full-page format in the front section as follows:

1) USA Today – Thursday, May 15
2) NYTimes Sunday Edition – Sunday, May 17
3) Portland Oregonian – Sunday, May 17
4) Medford Mail Tribune – Monday, May 19

A press release, blog and viral email blitz will accompany the timing
of the USA Today and NYT placements and we hope to begin a wave of
“patience” and desire to see this entire process through to the end.
To do this, federal election requires that we establish a PAC, so
this afternoon, five of us did just that– and WomenCount PAC was
born. The FEC ID will be issued in the next day or two at most. In
order to place this “open letter” ad, the WomenCount PAC will need to
raise $80,000 by close of day Tuesday, May 13 and a total of $250,000
by Saturday, May 17.
We hope you will reach into your heart and into your wallet and give
any amount up to $5000 dollars to put this important letter up. As
you can see, we must receive at least $80,000 by the end of the day
on Wednesday, May 14th. Checks should be made out to WomenCount

Please forward this to other Hillary supporters asap.

In deep trust and gratitude to all of Hillary’s great friends,


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