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Friday, May 30, 2008

Oliver going to Denver.....Update Al is going too

We’re Going To Denver!

And by we, I mean me. is one of the blogs officially credentialed to cover the Democratic convention in Denver. I’ve never been to a convention (a political convention, that is, I’ve *ahem* been to a comic book convention or 10) so this should be pretty cool.

I’m thinking one of my main goals/projects should be to finally see Al Gore in person.

Democratic Convention 2008 @ The Quest For Gore.

my comment:
Way to go Oliver,
I worked the NYC 1980 Democratic National Convention. I was freelancing for Swiss TV and was on the floor for Ted Kennedy address, but I got into a fight with a Secret Service Officer and missed it all. My very large tripod was about to smack a delegate upside her head as I tried to move out of the way and I tap a SS-Guy, he tried to push me off the floor. I would not be moved but I lost my crew in the sea of faces. So, for a hour I tried to join my crew. When I got home the night my hubby asked me what was it like on the floor, I don't know what he was talking about. So, I was inches away form one of the most important events in political history and missed it. My advice, try not to get so caught up in work that you miss what right in front of you. Check the schedule early and get floor clearance for Gore's session the fringe press general get a hour floor pass. If you can get in early two or three days before the convention starts everything is free. The Network sponsor (1980 was ABC) supplies everything from food to free haircuts. Once the conventions starts your on your own. I wish I could tag along. And Don't forget you press tags. Sam Donaldson in full makeup forgot his and he could not get in. Enjoy.

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