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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday's Endorsements For Obama.....Update #3

Delegate Countdown - 129.5 To Go

√ united Steelworkers Endorse Barack Obama For President

√ Today, United States Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) endorsed Barack Obama for president. McDermott’s endorsement means that Obama has been endorsed by 290.5 superdelegates.

√ Joshua Denton of Portsmouth, 26, an Iraq war veteran one of John Edwards' pledged delegates has switched to Obama

Interesting Note:

  • Edwards' has a mere 19 left over from the four primaries he participated in, but he has, at the lowest estimate, 13 delegates from currently-disqualified Florida. If Clinton succeeds in seating all of Florida's delegates as elected in the state's non-contested primary, she'll net only 28 delegates more than Obama and Edwards combined. Joe Trippi's fantasy about his ex-client as a kingmaker isn't that far-fetched.
Update: Two Superdelegates Endorse Obama

√ Congressman Henry Waxman and Congressman Howard Berman, major committee chairmen and California superdelegates, endorsed Barack Obama today

Update #2:

√ CWA President and Superdelegate Larry Cohen Pledges Support for Obama

Update #3:

√ Six of Edwards' eight South Carolina delegates back Obama

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