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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Behind the scenes

Time has this picture of Clinton and Obama chatting backstage at AIPAC yesterday, and a pair of must-reads: Klein on Hillary and Tumulty on Obama.

√ Wooing the Clintonites

A Minneapolis paper has a glimpse of how hard Obama's camp is working behind the scenes to warm relations with Clinton's supporters, something that was a behind-the-scenes focus of his giant rally at the Xcel Center.

Last night, after he had finished the sort of speech that leaves his followers exhilarated and exhausted, Obama did not just leave the arena. Nor did he head to the nearest television camera or the nearest fat cat.

Instead, he went to a room where the Clinton supporters had been gathered and, one by one, shook the hands of the 25 people, stopping to chat with each of them.
√ Campaigning
Obama announced this morning that he'd be campaigning in Virginia with Senator Jim Webb and former Governor Mark Warner.

√ Rangel and the NY Delegation
“In our collective opinion, he has won the nomination. No question about it.”

Delegation also praises Clinton’s decision to pull out of the race. “We’re so proud of her her,” Rangel says.

Asked about Clinton as a potential VP candidate, Rangel says “I think she’d be a fantastic partner in government.” Then adds, “I should not even have said that.”

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