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Monday, June 23, 2008


From NBC's Mark Murray
A new USA Today/Gallup poll has Obama leading McCain among likely voters by six points, 50%-44%.

VIDEO: A Race for the White House panel takes a look at which supporters-John McCain's or Barack Obama's-are enthusiastic about their candidate's campaign and potential presidency.

But the most revealing numbers in the survey were the ones measuring voter enthusiasm: 61% of Democrats said they were more enthusiastic than usual about voting in this year's election, while just 35% of Republicans said that.

Also in the poll, Obama's fav/unfav is 64%-31%, while McCain's is 59%-35%.

On the issues -- when asked which candidate would do a better job on each -- Obama held advantages on health care (51%-26%), the economy (48%-32%), energy/gas (47%-28%), taxes (44%-35%), and moral values (40%-39%). McCain had the edge on terrorism (52%-33%) and illegal immigration (36%-34%). And they were tied on Iraq (43%-43%).

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