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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LOL Funny: How Do You Stop a Landslide?......Gorden Smith Thinks He Has The Answer

In addition to that ad, his campaign sent out this e-mail (via e-mail, no link):

Gordon Smith: Setting the Record Straight on Energy Independence
Smith teams with Barack Obama to raise gas mileage standard earning praise from Governor Kulongoski
Lake Oswego - Senator Gordon Smith responded to the false attacks from Jeff Merkley's special interest allies today, releasing a new ad setting the record straight on Smith's energy record. Smith teamed with Senator Barack Obama to craft a new and innovative approach to increase fuel mileage standards, reduce foreign oil consumption and protect the environment.

"Gordon Smith and Barack Obama joined forces to protect the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. That's a reality that Jeff Merkley and his special interest allies would like to ignore," Smith campaign spokesperson Lindsay Gilbride said. "The truth: Gordon Smith is a leader in the fight for energy independence."

While campaigning in Oregon during the May Presidential primary, Obama declared their plan "won the support of lawmakers who had never supported raising fuel standards before" in the Salem Statesman Journal. Governor Ted Kulongoski issued a press release praising Smith and Obama for their bipartisan leadership on such a critical issue. Their innovative plan led to a new law (PL #110-140) raising fuel standards by 100 percent.

Here's the Obama campaign's response to the ad:

"Barack Obama has a long record of bipartisan accomplishment and we appreciate that it is respected by his Democratic and Republican colleagues in the Senate. But in this race, Oregonians should know that Barack Obama supports Jeff Merkley for Senate. Merkley will help Obama bring about the fundamental change we need in Washington," said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

And when he was actually in Oregon in May, here's what he had to say about Gordon Smith:

"Gordon Smith's problem is that he rarely breaks away from George Bush and the Republican agenda that I think has done this country great damage."

Just to set the record straight. The actual Democrat in the race is Jeff Merkley, who also happened to post here today on his opposition to the FISA bill.

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