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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

There's Never Been A Brother This Good For This Long, This Hood, Or This Pop, This Hot, Or This Strong

By Too Sense

Two hundred years ago they said we were three-fifths of human beings. A hundred years ago they were hanging us from trees. Fifty years ago we couldn't vote in the South. They tried to make us property, today they try to make us numbers.

Now one of us is about to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Do not forget this. Do not forget what we can do, because he wouldn't be here without us. When they say we can't unite, or we can't hold each other up, when they say we can't love each other.

Malcolm said we weren't Americans. He said we had never been Americans. But I think even Malcolm would sit back tonight and smile, and realize that wasn't the whole story. America can only love itself as much as it loves us, and as much as we love it back. And we love it the way only we can, because we know intimately its ugly contradictions, its furious hypocrisy, its shining promise.

Every little black child with his eye on the sparrow will grow up, from this point on, knowing this is no longer just a Dream.

Some people aren't ready to accept it. But America could never be America without us.

All of us.

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