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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Desperate McCain launches outrageous attack on Obama; says Obama wants to lose in Iraq


Today, in what has to be one of the more desperate, unfounded and outrageous claims coming from McCain, he just said on national television that "it seems to me that Senator Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign." Watch the video -- and watch McCain's creepy smirk at the end. He knows what he said is brutal -- a brutal lie:

Pure desperation. In fact, the McCain camp said the same thing a week ago, with nary a word from the corporate media. Republicans always do something, then accuse Democrats of doing the same thing. In 2002, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove started playing politics with national security and led the United States into the Iraq war. John McCain played right along.

NOTE FROM JOHN: John McCain just questioned Barack Obama's patriotism. He did it probably on the advice of Karl Rove, who has been advising him for months. Rove's usual tactic is to say something like this in order to get a rise out of the left, and help us make the story. That's part of what this is about - getting the theme out there that Obama is un-American (aka "muslim"). But also, McCain is simply desperate to change the topic from Obama's wildly successful trip to the Middle East. When are Mrs. Greenspan, Bob Schieffer, and the rest of the corporate media going to hold John McCain to the same standard they hold Barack Obama? John McCain basically just accused Barack Obama of treason. Had we done that to McCain, just imagine the fireworks. Will the media report how outrageous and desperate McCain has become, or will they do their usual he-said-she-said and present McCain's "argument" as something worthy of honest debate?

One last thing. I can imagine some Democrats saying "oh no, don't respond or you'll make it a story just like Karl Rove wants you to." Well, yeah, we could follow that advice. Or we could ask ourselves "what would Karl Rove do?" Karl Rove would do what McCain did to Wesley Clark. He would so quickly, so publicly eviscerate us that we would never again have the nerve to question his good patriotic heart. That's what Karl Rove would do. Democrats, however, sit back, shut up, and take it, hoping it'll go away. Yeah, how's that working for us, now that we're in our third decade of being called un-American and weak on defense?

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