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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fox News Racism: Intentional?

Over the past few weeks, Fox News has made racially insensitive insinuations about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, referring to his wife as his "baby mama" and calling a greeting the couple exchanged a "terrorist fist jab." What other similar incidents have occurred on Fox News?

√ Estimated the amount of time Obama has spent on front porches during the course of his life

√ Repeatedly called Obama by one of his middle names, "Hussein," while omitting the other, "Christopher Horowitz"

√ Have used 78 percent more sports terminology in describing Obama's campaign than McCain's

√ Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy involuntarily shrieked when a graphic of Obama flashed behind his shoulder

√ Noted that Obama looks like the Fox News team's "one friend"

√ Whenever he is shown exiting a limousine, journalists mention that his Escalade must be in the shop

√ Scored footage of Obama visiting a Russian mobile launch missile dismantling facility with the theme from Shaft

√ Generally biased news reporting

Fox Racism

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