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Friday, July 25, 2008

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After completing his whirlwind Middle East and European tour, Barack Obama will return to Washington early next week to tend to another flock: House Democrats.

Obama will speak to the House Democratic Caucus on Tuesday afternoon, with his speech coming just a few days after campaign manager David Plouffe gave a talk to Democratic lawmakers in the Capitol. The visits represent an uptick in efforts from the Obama campaign to do more outreach with House Democrats, some of whom who feel like their presidential candidate has been slow to coordinate message and policy strategy with the Hill, as Politico reported last week.

The Obama campaign has hired a liaison to improve coordination with congressional Democrats, and the latest visits from Plouffe and Obama are an indication that the campaign is ready to get its ground game going with lawmakers who want to ride Obama's coattails in the fall congressional elections.

A House Democratic aide says the visit "will be a good chance to hear from him directly on his trip and on his strategic plan for winning the election. Members are eager to meet with him."

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