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Monday, July 21, 2008

Photos of Obama in Iraq

Jake Tapper

Greetings from Amman, Jordan, where the Obama press corps has spent the last 15 hours flying to meet Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, on the non-war-zone part of his world tour.

And while we're here, courtesy of Multi-National Force-Iraq, here are some photos of Obama as well as the other two senators on the congressional delegation trip with him -- Sens. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., and Jack Reed, D-RI -- in Iraq with General David Petraeus.

Though Reed groupies, be forewarned -- Reed does not appear in any of the photos MNF-I sent us.


In this shot, by Army Staff Sgt. Lorie Jewell, we're told that Gen. Petraeus is explaining security improvements in Sadr City during an aerial tour of Baghdad. Sens. Hagel and Reed are in the chopper, but not shown.


Gen. Petraeus greets Sen. Obama at Baghdad International Airport. (Shot by Sgt. Jewell, Reed and Hagel not shown. Again.)


Lt. Gen. Lloyd Austin scowls while Sen. Obama and Gen. Petraeus chat. (Yet again, the shot is by Sgt. Jewell and Sens. Hagel and Reed are not shown.)


Senator Bad-ass listens to Gen. Petraeus. (Ditto on Jewell, Hagel and Reed.)


Hey! There's Hagel!


In this one Gen. Petraeus is even looking at Hagel!


Gen. Petraeus and Sen. Obama after Obama's arrival.


Again. As they head to a Blackhawk helicopter for the aerial tour of Baghdad.


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