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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Republicans respond to Obama's $20 million Latino outreach program

From an email press release:

ARLINGTON, VA -- Today, U.S. Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) issued the following statement on Hispanic outreach efforts:

"Unlike Barack Obama, John McCain doesn't need an introduction to the Hispanic Community. John McCain has been working for more than two decades for the values, principles and issues Latinos cares about. Hispanics will elect the next President of the United States based on who has the best record, experience and is better prepared to move this country forward. John McCain wants to keep taxes low for hardworking families, and small business owners, Barack Obama has stated he will raise taxes. John McCain has an energy plan, and wants to lower gas prices, Barack Obama has no plan. John McCain always put this country first, Barack Obama changes his mind depending on the political calendar."


McCain (R) 23
Obama (D) 66

Research 2000:

McCain (R) 24
Obama (D) 65

It's really nice for the Republicans to trot out one of only four Latinos in their entire Congressional caucus (paired off with exactly zero African Americans). They better enjoy Lincoln Diaz-Balart, because along with his brother Mario, they're both going down this year to Democrats Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia, respectively. Lincoln (and his bro) have to be seriously worried because a big chunk of this money will be dropped right into their districts.

But in any case, Lincoln is right. John McCain doesn't need an introduction to the Hispanic Community. They already know him for the backstabber on immigration reform that he is, and have decided, as the numbers above from just the last few days demonstrate, to reject him in overwhelming numbers in favor of Barack.

All that's left is to make sure those Latinos turn out for Obama, and that's what this $20 million is for -- to register them, make sure they turn out on election day, and ensure that their votes are properly counted (despite the inevitable right-wing efforts to disenfranchise them).

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