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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Roll The Video Tape...Please

Obama Fist Bump Refusal? Not So Fast...

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Obama received critical press yesterday for refusing to give a boy a fist bump while touring the Eastside Community Ministry in Ohio.

According to Tuesday's press pool report, Obama denied the boy, saying, "If I start that..." before trailing off and turning away. The interpretation from various news outlets insinuated that Obama was shying away from a greeting that was labeled a "terrorist fist jab" last month after Michelle Obama bumped fists with her husband on stage in St Paul.

Well, it turns out the fist bump refusal was much ado about nothing, and much to do about a child hoping for an indelible Obama marking on his hand.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Here is the actual exchange based on a review of ABC's video:

Child: Can you sign my hand?

Obama: If I start Mom might not be happy when she comes home. She'll be like, 'what is the dirt on your hand?'...see ya.

Child: Can you sign it in pen so it will come off?

The child rose his hand in a fist to get Obama's attention as he asked for a signature – perhaps prompting the fist bump portrayal.

Obama instead signed the autographs for the children in crayon on drawings they were working on during class.

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