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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama Press Conference in Amman, Jordan

Sen. Barack Obama Press Conference in Amman

Part 1 Overall Impressions Afghanistan and Iraq

Part 2 Question and Answers:
I Haven't Proposed a Preciptious Draw Down Of Troops in Iraq
I'm Extremely Impressed By Troops In Iraq, Afghanistan
Iraqi Leaders "What to Take More Responsible"
My Job As Pontential Commander in Chied extends beyound Iraq

Part 3 Question and Answers:

McCain Deserves Great Credit For Caring About Iraqis
We Can't Stay In Iraq In Perpetuity
We're going to Have to Strip away...The Polities In Iraq
Afghanistan Is The Central Front In The War On Terrorism
Must Make Sure Aid Get Through To Afghans

Part 4 Question and Answers:
If we don't get a handle on the boarder we will continue to have problems
Importance of our Diplomatic Efforts in Pakistan Driven Home
"Ultimate Resolution is Going to Involve 2 States", Israel and Palestine

Part 5 Question and Answers: 35:51
I see some progress, More Has to Be Done by the Iraqi Goverment
U. S." A strong friend of Israel's Under any President

Part 6 Question and Answers:
General Petraeus does not want a timetable he wants maxium flexibility to do what he needs to do

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