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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ain't Life Grand

This Week in Bacon

skitched-20080801-081758.jpgThis week’s feature is a bacon alarm clock, the cleverly named Wake n’ Bacon, that wakes you up with the smell of real cooked bacon, rather than the traditional, grating, cruel, terrible, gruesome alarm-clock sound. splains:

Created by Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini, and Hsiao-huh Hsu, the Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock is different from your average variety clock in that it doesn’t use sound or harsh vibration to arouse a weary sleeper. Rather, the unit cooks a slice of bacon for you to fill your bedroom with the smell of breakfast.

The way it works is that a person puts a slice of frozen bacon into the tray of the clock before going to bed. In the morning, the alarm clock then activates ten minutes before the alarm time and turns on two halogen lamps which slowly cook the bacon. Ten minutes later you are supposed to wake with the delicious smell of cooked pork in your bedroom. If that doesn’t do the the trick, then a backup alarm sounds to wake the individual.

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